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To: The Staffordshire Council committee

Entertainment centre for the youth of Burton Upon Trent

Entertainment centre for the youth of Burton Upon Trent

Burton needs a place for youth to hang out, somewhere to go to get them to stop hanging outside McDonalds. We need an activity centre. Bowling, iceskating, arcade, Xbox’s / playstations with multiple TVs, educational corner with books, snooker/pool tables. An arts department, so that they can paint, draw, make music or do something with their creativity. Imagine if a bunch of kids were creating new music or dances and we had a Burton talent show every month. How cool would that be?! A big building (couple of floors high maybe) with all of this in. A park out the back with apparatus and benches, plenty of things to play on. A go kart track too! Members/ customers could pay a daily, weekly or monthly price to use it all or just a single activity use price. Give burtons youth something to do to keep them off the streets.

Why is this important?

The young people are bored, there is absolutely nothing for them to do for fun. We need to show them all the things that they can do, they don’t know what talents they have or what they love because they haven’t gotten the chance to. Some people have never left this town or maybe can’t afford to so they have never experienced fun and activities outside of school or college. They need to be stimulated, educated and taken care of by this town and it’s doing a terrible job of it.

Burton upon Trent, Burton-on-Trent, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • I went to this as a kid, it was always something to do every week with very friendly staff and amazing people!!
  • When young people's mental health is at an all time high this is something desperately needed. A safe place for them to meet and socialise.
  • I have signed because looking at what happened around Burton we don't have much thing for the younger people to do.


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