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To: Epping Council

Epping Council stops North Weald Motorsport Drag Race

Epping Council stops North Weald Motorsport Drag Race

Allow motorsport drag race to continue on the airfield.

Why is this important?

The Motorsport Company has put on the Drag Race for 20 years held on the historical North Wealds airfield.. The event is well managed and only runs just once a month in the summer months.
These events are to be kept running as it keeps the community together and a great social experience. Not forgetting the financial support for the airfield.
After meetings and feed back from the villagers it has been positive untill 1 person complained and Epping Council have refused the licence .. We know for years property investors / companies have been trying to push the council for home building agreement.

North Weald Bassett, Epping

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Reasons for signing

  • It's either the drag strip or main roads people need to do in a controlled environment and the strip is only way for car enthusiasts to do it legally without dangering public
  • Because its a great family day out and been around many years
  • Keep racing on track where it's safe and entertainment for all


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