To: Essex and Suffolk Water

Essex and Suffolk Water hard water issues

Essex and Suffolk Water hard water issues

Improve water quality and SIGNIFICANTLY reduce regardless.of the water for the people of Suffolk

Why is this important?

Customers of Essex and Suffolk Water

Are you fed.up with hard water?

Are you fed up buying descalers, Calgon tablets and metal blocks to put in your kettle?

Are you fed up with replacing shower heads, water pipes, washing machines, boiler systems and kettles?

Are you fed up seeing residues on plates, glasses, cutlery, at home, in bars, restaurants, clubs, hotels and cafes, lines around your bath and scum on your cups of tea and coffee?

Are you having to double dose detergent, washing up liquid, soap powders, shampoo and bubble bath quantities because products are not working correctly because of the hard water?

Are you appalled that Sea Life in Great Yarmouth have an animal mortality rate THREE TIMES WORSE than is deemed normal, due to the quality of the water being supplied as previously seen on BBC East News items?

Despite all of this, Essex and Suffolk Water have no foreseeable plans, or intention, at least for the next 10 years, to improve water quality in Suffolk. We have the hardest possible level of water hardness almost anywhere in the country. Even Yorkshire and London have significantly better water quality than the people of Suffolk are being provided.

They have claimed that unless they receive SIGNIFICANT numbers of complaints, this WILL NOT CHANGE. They have claimed that additional unwanted costs to customers bills outweighs any need for change. The additional costs to bills would reduce, by far the month to month and year to year expenses of having to shop for, maintain and replace/purchase home items.

If you total all the additional expenses, environmental impacts, constant changes of home appliances and maintenance a small, but proportionate, increase in billing can resolve all of this and leave you, in the longer term, financially better off.

We, the people of Suffolk demand better, safer, cleaner, softer water, to help ourselves, reduce our expenses, help our environments and save wildlife in the region, in zoos or marine parks as identified

Essex and Suffolk Water users should demand prompt and immediate action by Essex and Suffolk Water to facilitate greater improvements for the greater good of the communities you serve.