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To: Nadine Dorries MP

Please exempt traditional mills from mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid

Please exempt traditional mills from mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid

We would like you to grant an exemption from mandatory fortification of flour with folic acid for traditional wind and watermills producing less than 1000 tonnes of flour per year.

Why is this important?

Mandatory fortification of all flour with folic acid will have a serious effect on the future viability and integrity of small traditional mills, and could even mean that such mills have to cease flour production; putting at risk one of the main sources of income that sustains these important historic, and in some cases listed, buildings.


Reasons for signing

  • With 40 years in the natural health, I recognise the benefit of some food fortification. But for small and specialist flour producers, it will be impossible and coud lead to the demise of many small producers. They should be be exempt. Over 20 years ago, the benefits of folic acid against some birth defects was researched and this idea suggested. We are still waiting for it to happen in mainstream bread and flour. Look at the results in Scotland. It works. Just leave small producers alone.
  • The consultation estimates that adding folic acid to all non-wholemeal bread flour might reduce the incidence of NTDs by 5%-10%, while adding it to all flour might reduce the incidence by 15%-20%: ie the detected NTD incidence might be reduced from affecting around 1000 to around 800 - 950 pregnancies per year.
  • Technology as we know it (gears etc.) started in mills over two thousand years ago it is important that children can appreciate the ingenuity of the millwrights who developed it - the best way is by them see mills in action & this cannot be achieved without having grain passing through the millstones, hence producing flour. The investment in machinery to fortify this with additives would make it all prohibitively expensive and such facilities would be lost.


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