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To: Home Secretary - Priti Patel MP

Expand safe and legal routes for refugees

Expand safe and legal refugee routes to the UK for those fleeing their own country because of issues such as persecution, war and natural disaster.

Why is this important?

A lack of safe and legal routes into the UK for refugees seeking safety is forcing people to travel to the UK using life-threatening methods, including squeezing into the back of refrigerated lorries or riding in vulnerable dinghies across wild seas.

People fleeing the threat of torture, rape or death cannot claim asylum in the UK without physically reaching Britain. This means that people are risking their lives to escape danger and try to secure asylum in the UK.

Right now the UK offers a few limited programmes that provide safe and legal routes into the UK, but these programmes have been drastically reduced. Instead of reducing these programmes, the government should expand them to make sure anyone fleeing danger can travel safely and legally to the UK if they need to.


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  • The Gov't must review the way HGV licences are granted. Traffic Commissioners know there are improvements to be made. Can a Bulgarian registered vehicle be properly monitored by the DVSA in the UK?Global Trailer Rentals does not appear to be registered with the DVSA. Containers may belong to any company, and there are many of good repute, but licensing and enforcing is out of date and leaves room for abuse of this most evil sort. Wake up Gov't and DVSA before there are more deaths and slaves.


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