To: Trafford Borough Council / Travis Perkins

Stop the expansion of Travis Perkins at Elm Grove, Sale

Stop the expansion of Travis Perkins at Elm Grove, Sale

Travis Perkins have put a planning application into Trafford Borough Council for the expansion of their existing site.

Help us in stopping the planning being approved for this residential road being used as a thoroughfare for HGV's

Why is this important?

1. Noise Pollution – we are currently being woken some morning at 5am and 6am with deliveries and very loud trucks passing our houses – this is unacceptable.

2. Parking – Currently the residents have always been allowed to use the parking space outside Travis Perkins, both in the evenings and at weekends when the yard is closed. If this planning application is passed, there will no longer be enough parking on this road for the residents, never mind their visitors.

3. Turning – most incoming traffic heads to the bottom of Elm Grove and turns around – its safe and doesn’t cause a nuisance to anyone. If Travis Perkins extend its boundaries to take over this excess space, how do all cars, trucks, articulated lorries (HUGE!), ambulances, fire engines, care in the community vans (of which there are a lot) turn around in this tiny residential street? As we have seen, some of these huge articulated lorries have had to reverse out of the street, potentially damaging parked cars, setting off car alarms, etc.

4. Emergency Services - there are quite a few mature but ill residents on our street who require collection by ambulance, taxis and care in the community vans to take them to hospital and various appointments – if the road is backed up with trucks and vans, how long before there is a danger to life?

5. Volume of excess business – if Travis Perkins gets permission to extend, this will potentially extend the size of their offering and therefore business going forward, which means even more large vehicles than currently, up to 10 large articulated trucks a day – damaging the street which isn’t built for this weight and potential damage to parked vehicles.

6. Knock-on effect – if Travis Perkins extends, the knock-on effect regarding parking will affect all neighbouring roads and businesses as people will have to go further afield to park their cars, thus potentially endangering them if they have to walk back to their cars or homes late at night, and also putting their cars in danger of being stolen if not in a secure spot.

7. Parking permits – Trafford Council recently carried out a survey on Elm Grove and all neighbouring roads as to the viability of parking permits due to excess parking during the day, at a very large cost to the Council and ultimately us, the tax and council tax payers. If permission to extend is granted, that survey is null and void as the responses will be based on the current configuration of our roads and not on the proposed extension, which takes up the excess parking space we all use.

The street cannot cope with the increase in HGV's on the street - please look at this footage and you can see the size of the HGV's that thunder down this road.

Elm Grove, Sale M33 7JY

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Reasons for signing

  • My cousin lives on this road and has a nightmare here. It's awful when o come to visit for driving and parking, I can't imagine what it must be like to live here. It's dangerous the way some of the trucks and vans o whizzing past, especially when you have children and elderly living there.
  • this is ridiculous - if I lived on this street I'd be horrified at the idea of expanding it - surely they should be able to make access arrangements via the industrial road that runs parallel to this one a bit further towards TGI's? or better yet, move the whole thing to a better suited location? the business has outgrown its original scope in this location!
  • On behalf of the people who live on the road and surrounding area.


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