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To: Transport for London

Extend the Santander cycle hire scheme to Herne Hill

Extend the Santander cycle hire scheme to Herne Hill

We are calling on Transport for London (TfL) to extend the Santander cycle hire scheme to Herne Hill.

Why is this important?

There are a number of reasons why it’s a great idea to extend the Santander cycle hire scheme to Herne Hill.

1. It meets a transport need

Herne Hill is an area of south London with limited access to the TfL transport network. We do not have a local Underground station (the nearest one is Brixton) or a TfL Overground station (the nearest one is Denmark Hill). The local bus routes are often crowded and the main roads are heavily congested with traffic.

Extending the cycle hire scheme to Herne Hill would provide a key link to the Underground network, as people could cycle to Brixton where there is already a docking station and jump on the tube. If they are feeling energetic there is also the option to cycle into central London.

2. It will draw people to the area

Having a docking station (or a few docking stations) in Herne Hill would improve the local economy as people could cycle here from Brixton. This makes Herne Hill more accessible to people who live in other parts of London, who would travel to Brixton by tube but might not take the extra 30 minute walk or crowded bus journey on to Herne Hill. We have some wonderful attractions here: Brockwell Lido, Herne Hill Velodrome and the Sunday Market, as well as five shopping parades with a wide range of independent shops and businesses. Extending the cycle hire scheme would make our high streets more accessible and help them to thrive.

3. The bikes will be well used

One of TfL’s main requirements when deciding where to extend the cycle hire scheme, is they want to put it in places where it will be well used. People are more likely to borrow bikes where there are pleasant and safe routes to cycle them. The busiest docking stations are those around Hyde Park where people borrow a bike to cycle around the park.

There are a lot of green spaces in and around Herne Hill which offer pleasant and enjoyable environments for cycling. Brockwell Park sits right in the centre of Herne Hill and is lovely to cycle around. Belair and Dulwich Parks are nearby, and can be accessed via the new segregated cycle lane on Rosendale Road, and Turney Road, which is also relatively quiet. The cycle route to/from Brixton is via Railton Road and the recent installation of a Low Traffic Neighbourhood there has seen an upsurge in active travel.

4. It will engage new cyclists

We already have some good local cycle routes (as mentioned above), a number of local parks, and a Velodrome. However, it is impossible to use these cycling resources if you do not have access to a bike. Many people in Herne Hill live in flats, shared houses or small homes, and do not have space to store a bike. Others might be able to make space for a bike but need to try it out first before committing to buy their own. Extending the cycle hire to Herne Hill would improve the opportunities for people who cannot store their own bike to make cycling part of their commute, enjoy cycling in their local area, or simply try out cycling for the first time.


Sign to show your support!

There is already widespread support for this proposal from a range of local community groups, our local Councillors, and Helen Hayes MP. We are now looking to demonstrate that there is support from local residents and businesses. If you agree with this suggestion, please sign the campaign and share it with others who may also be keen. TfL are particularly interested to hear from local businesses, so if that’s you, it would be great if you can leave a comment, and/or get in touch with us via email to [email protected]

Herne Hill, London, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • It would be great to have access to bikes as a greener and healthier mode of transport
  • This is a key junction


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