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To: The community of Wivenhoe.

Extend the Wivenhoe Public Floating Pontoon

Extend the Wivenhoe Public Floating Pontoon to give an extra four hours of time on the water, safer and easier launch of small craft and offer better access to less abled community members.

Why is this important?

The Wivenhoe Public Floating Pontoon was built in 2016. It has seen limited use since it was built. It falls short of a useful / useable length and it still remains impossible to launch small boats. After a pre planning enquiry with Colchester City Council about extending the pontoon with an 8.3 metre launching ramp, they said "we would have no objections to the proposal in principle". Because the pontoon is owned by Wivenhoe Town Council It now falls on Wivenhoe Town Council's Estates Committee to either pursue with a full planning application or not. The launching ramp would give river users an extra 4 hours on the water, safer and easier launch of vessels and offer less abled people access to the river. Please support this venture.
Wivenhoe, Colchester CO7, UK

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