To: Facebook

Facebook name change purge

Facebook name change purge

Allow us to use the names we are known by and have been identified by both in real life and online for years.

Why is this important?

Our names are part of our personal identity and are used by each of us to distinguish ourselves.

Here is what we would like to say to Facebook.

Dear Facebook,

We would like to draw your attention to the way Facebook members have been treated regarding their names and accounts recently.
Whilst we understand that Facebook has rules regarding acceptable names the recent purge is ignoring your own rules.
People called “Bob” are being made to become Robert for example…. And the names we are known by in real life may not actually be those we have on legal documents. This certainly applies in my case, and in others too.
We are not using the names on our facebook accounts for fraudulent, underhand or deceitful purposes so see no need for you to lock us out of our accounts and prevent us communicating with friends near and far.
Please reconsider your recent actions as demanding “proper” names is causing chaos and consternation for many, many people, it is antisocial as well as heavy handed and may eventually contribute to the demise of Facebook in the future if an acceptable alternative becomes available to us
We sincerely hope you will see fit to reverse your recent actions and allow us to revert to out proper account status on Facebook
Thankyou in advance :-)

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  • i have been purged not happy....


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