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To: Hugh Baily MP

Fair deal for Dogs

Our British Dogs are getting a very raw deal at the moment, what with not being aloud to bark at any one or the dog could be classed as dangerous, to not jumping up at people because it's classed as to aggressive.

For pity sake it's what dogs do. I have a few suggestions that would make life fairer for the dog and for the people in general. This letter I write now is just to start my campaign going. I'd like to write a more in depth but to the point letter to you outlining my ideas, to help not only our dogs but it will also make dog owners more responsible.

Why is this important?

Save the government money. Substantial cut in dangerous dogs. Make dog owners more responsible. Protect the public from diseases spread by animal waist and foolish dog owners. And to protect true dog lovers and good healthy dogs.



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