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To: Secretary of State for Transport

FAIR Flights Paths for Heathrow

Dear Secretary of State,
Big changes will take place to the flight paths at many airports, including Heathrow, over the next few years. They are being brought about by the new technology which allows aircraft to be guided much more precisely. Used well, this technology will enable aircraft noise to be shared more equally than it is today. We urge you to permit the introduction of fair flight paths.

Why is this important?

At present, over 700,000 people live under the Heathrow flight paths; that is, 28% of all people impacted by aircraft noise across Europe. For many people it can mean more than 40 planes an hour passing overhead at the busiest times. People are crying out for respite. Fair flight paths would mean most communities getting respite for 50% - 70% of the time without noise becoming a serious problem in new areas. It would benefit residents with no disbenefit to the airport.

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