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To: Residents of Inverness

Fair parking rights for the residents and businesses of Church Street, Inverness

The residents and businesses of Church Street, Inverness have the right to ensure that their relevant properties are maintained and upgraded.

The Highland Council will not allow any work vehicle on the street during the hours of 8am to 6pm unless it is what they define as essential for it being there – their example being a power generator being needed on site. Any workmen must therefore park elsewhere, away from their tools. This is something that is not always possible.

We are willing to work with the Highland Council to organise parking in advance to ensure that we can respect the parking needs of others. We are also willing the pay upfront for a reasonably priced parking permit equal to the current charge of the meters for up to the full day for the duration of the work during the hours required.

We respect that there is no private parking in the street, but we also request that we are respected as residents and business with our own needs in return.

Why is this important?

Our businesses and homes are at the mercy of the Highland Council. Even when we can find people who carry our necessary work, they are unwilling to do so due to the unbending policies of the parking enforcement.

Personally, this means that the leak in my shower cannot be addressed. Water is directly on two of the supporting beams on for my first floor which are more and more likely to suffer irrepealable damage as time passes. As the council will not agree to let someone be near their work van, I cannot find anyone to repair the damage to my home before the issue gets worse.

I'm certain others can share their own plights and I would like to share their stories.

Inverness, UK

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