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To: Members of Parliament

Fair Pay, Fair Chance: Ban Long-Term Unpaid Internships

Vote in favour of Unpaid Work Experience (No.2) Bill on Friday 27th March.

Why is this important?

Thousands of young people every year work for months on end for no pay to gain some work experience to help get a job. Many others – people from poorer backgrounds - lose out because they can’t afford to live without a wage and find themselves blocked from getting the experience needed for good entry-level jobs. .

Now MP Alex Cunningham is bidding to change all that and the Second Reading of his Unpaid Work Experience Bill will take place on 27th March. The Bill would ban unpaid work experience that lasts longer than four weeks.

The Bill doesn’t ban work experience – it just stops employers getting away with not paying their staff.

In 2018 it was found that the average unpaid internship costs the person about £1100 in London just to live – meaning they are essentially paying for getting experience that most people cannot afford.

If we are to make the race fair, we need to ensure that everybody starts from the same starting position.

Sign the petition now to show your support for the Bill that ensures work opportunities aren’t open just to those who can afford to work for free.



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