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To: Rishi Sunak

Fair support for the self employed

Fair support for the self employed

Make the Self Employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) fair. The self employed cannot survive when the support being offered doesn’t match what those who are employed are receiving. And don’t patronise us by telling us to retrain and get a job, the economy relies heavily on the self employed and we all want and need our businesses to survive.

Why is this important?

With another national lockdown about to begin, once again the self employed are being unfairly treated.
Through the SEISS scheme, the self employed have already missed out on 2 months worth of support. Payment 1 was for ‘3 months to May’ so March, April, May. Therefore the second payment is for June, July, August. But now, the third payment is for November, December, January and the fourth is for February, March and April. What happened to September and October?? Please account for the missing months.
Now we are heading into a second lockdown where 80% furlough is extended but the self employed are expected to survive a second lockdown on 40% support (with no support at all for the last 2 months).
Please review this and make it fair.

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