To: British subjects.

Fairness, equality, and transparency.

Fairness, equality, and transparency.

I read recently about MP Geoffrey Cox claiming .49p for milk but forgetting to declare £400,000 extra earnings.
If the children of poor families cannot have free school milk, then why should we the taxpayer pay for the milk in his tea?
He is paid £77000 as an MP plus £400,000 for his extra job, and yet WE must pay £6,000 to heat his home!

Why is this important?

MP's expenses are a blatant abuse of the system, and corruption of the worst kind.
Perhaps a review of MP's expenses could be carried out by the DWP fraud department, using the same criteria, and penalties, as benefit fraud.
If we are going to accept the rule of law, as decided by our elected representatives, then it must be applied fairly to all.