To: I’m petitioning to the Government.

Fairness & Equality for people on the Autistic spectrum & the Disabled of Society.

Fairness & Equality for people on the Autistic spectrum & the Disabled of Society.

Firstly and foremost I would like all the people who have had their vital benefits (ESA, PIP or both) stripped and sanctioned to come forward & sign this petition. The aim of this petition is to see the Government review the current status of the DWP’s handling of the benefits: Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) & Personal Independence Payments (PIP). Currently ALL the ESA & PIP claimants are forced on a “Work Assessment” regarding whether or not you have a long term disability. The work assessments, for ESA claimants, are carried out by non-medically trained assessors, & ultimately their report has a vital outcome of the person claiming the said benefit. Ultimately the decision, on whether or not to allow the claimant to carry on claiming the benefit, lays with the DWP but again those making the decision are not qualified Drs or nurses & hence is where the problem lies. There is simply no distinction between those who have disabilities to those who don’t, & ultimately those people who have long-term disability’s are judged negatively & deemed “fit for work” which means that the DWP drastically slashes the claimants payments & force them on Work Related schemes. This is wrong. The DWP are using their negative influence to strip disabled people of their benefits & this needs to stop. We need “fairness & Equality.” Is this too much ask from our government?

Why is this important?

This petition is important to me as I have higher functioning autism, & unfortunately Ive have had to attend those nonsensical “Work Assessments.” Those assessments are clearly designed to rid people off the welfare system regardless if the claimants have a disability or not. On two or three separate occasions I’ve had to take the DWP to the tribunal & all times the courts have reversed the DWP’s wrongful decision & placed me back into the care component of the ESA benefit (of which I am currently claiming). Ideally it would be great if the DWP would actually scrap the work assessments for people with disabilities, & instead work with the disabled of society without the threat of benefit sanctions. The current DWP system was implemented by the Ian Duncan Smith, a man notorious for wreaking havoc on the welfare state to satisfy his hatred toward those claiming benefits. The current status of the DWP hasn’t changed & is seriously out of date & needs a major overhaul. There currently is no “fairness & equality” for the disabled of society who need these vital benefits to simply live, & yet the DWP are still harshly Implementing the bias Work Assessments.