To: Home Office.

Family, Child and Travel Rights.

Remove the restrictions to Immigration Law HC-194 for Family Visas.
Remove the very high cost of Immigration Law HC-194 for Family Visas.

Why is this important?

The reason the Home Office gives for denying access to the UK to Foreign Nationals married to British Citizens is to avoid paying them Welfare, but, in prohibiting family's from reuniting in the UK they have created single parent family's that are much more likely to be dependant on Welfare, and, they have caused the family members great upset making them more likely to be dependant on Welfare, and, by forcing applicants to apply for work they have no experience of, that is above their pay scale, they remain out of work and on Welfare.
Also, as 47% of UK workers do not earn £18,600, and, 70% of all Family Visa applications fail, and, the very high cost of a Visa, and, the quantity of the application forms are so numerous you need to pay a lawyer thousands of pounds to file them, the HC-194 Immigration Law, for nearly half the UK Labour Market, approxamatly 15,000,000 people, is no more than a Travel Ban probably meeting targets.
This 'Ban' segregates foreigners from the UK, devides and destroys familys, seperates children from their parents causing them great upset even trauma, and traps adults and children in War Zones and Third World Countries putting their lives in danger.
The HC-194 Immigration Law needs to be repealed.