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To: Airbus and oil and Gas uk

Faury we want you to fly

Faury we want you to fly

We the undersigned challenge Mr Faury CEO of Airbus to undertake a flight under the same conditions as the offshore workforce, full survival suit and flight jacket to be work

Why is this important?

So he can see our point of view and the issues we have with the airframe


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Reasons for signing

  • So if Airbus mess up again will they be held accountable and prosecuted for corporate manslaugher? When will the Government push for a public enquiry into offshore helicopter travel?? Oil companies be warned adopt these airframes and face a backlash!!! Good on the Furie's
  • Well done Mr Faury flying round on your pr stunt , how about you squeeze yourself in next to me and a few others and really feel the true airbus experience on a super puma . You've told us twice now you've fixed it however I'm not willing to take the chance of a 3rd time . Your airframe has failed us , your company has failed us . We have no confidence in the super puma of any kind
  • What happens next time one goes down?? Are you so confident then Airbus?


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