To: Edward Davey Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change

FFSY says no to Fracking and Unconventional Gas and Oil Extraction.

FFSY says no to Fracking and Unconventional Gas and Oil Extraction.

We the people of South Yorkshire call on ED Davey to stop the practice of Hydraulic Fracturing and Unconventional Gas and Oil Extraction in South Yorkshire and the UK.

Why is this important?

Hard evidence is mounting of massive environmental destruction caused by fracking, across huge areas of the USA, Canada and Australia.
Radiation, earth quakes, water contamination, air pollution and destruction of the natural environment are now all widely accepted consequences of unconventional oil and gas extraction.
Government claims that fracking will create tens of thousands of jobs and lead to reduced energy bills is already falling apart under scrutiny.

South Yorkshire


Reasons for signing

  • There are many other option to supply us enough energy, and why gas? When there is no food to eat on earth what does money do for us?
  • too dangerous for possible economic gain
  • Born in South Yorkshire, I still have emotional and family ties there and live only a whisker away. Fracking is an unecessary environmental risk.


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