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To: The local Authorities and the Clinical Commissioning Group

Fight for Ilkeston Hospital

Fight for Ilkeston Hospital

We want a discussion to raise concerns held by local people about the future of our local community hospital and the way the CCG are making changes that will affect us all without any consultation

Why is this important?

Local peoples health and lives will be put
at risk by the Ill prepared changes that are
being rushed through without many of the
necessary preparations having been put in
place by the Authorities and the CCG


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Reasons for signing

  • It has always been an excellent hospital. It made such a difference to my elderly parents when my father was able to transfer there from Derby as he recovered.
  • My first job as a staff nurse was in the minor injury unit at Ilkeston. It was a fantastic service which kept A and E clearer for emergencies. The wards were lovely with dedicated staff, the theatre small but very efficient. I cannot praise it highly enough. What changes are the CCG proposing to put this amazing hospital under threat?
  • I work in healthcare in this area and have seen the important role this community hospital plays in care of local people. The inpatient beds also mean bedblockers can be moved out of the acute care hospitals. Blocked beds are a big issue for effective functioning of the big hospitals due to delays for beds after major trauma, cancer surgery, ITU etc cascading down the system, so keeping beds open at Ilkeston hospital is not just in the interests of Ilkeston people but for the whole region.


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