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To: The Government!

Financial Fairness to Disabled Adults living in tenancy agreement supported living placements.

Financial Fairness to Disabled Adults living in tenancy agreement supported living placements.

I want the Government to review the money that they are allowing disabled adults of supported living placements to live on, per month.

Why is this important?

My son, Rune, is a 19 year old disabled adult. He has recently moved into a supported living placement. It is named as a Supported living Placement but this is not the truth. It is a Care Home. The residents are NOT independent. They are not encouraged to do their own washing, cook their own meals or clean their own rooms. The staff do everything for them. However, in the guise of 'Supported living', this means the disabled adults have to hold a tenancy agreement and because of this arrangement, this allows the Government to take back an around figure of 40% of the income awarded to the disabled adult.
For example. This includes, when all is told, their PIP, Universal Credit and LCWRA award.

My son, after everything is taken from him and all his basic outgoings are considered, he will be left with £20 -30 p/w.

This is unacceptable.
Rune is doubly incontinent, he doesn't have any mates, he'll never experience the beauty of falling in love or being a part of a loving partnership. He can't see half the time because he can only wear his glasses in certain situations. He needs help showering to ensure his not missed any areas, ( can you imagine how personally degrading that is, at 19 years old, to need help from your mum to stand there and remind you to wash your freaking balls)?
He cannot cross a road on his own, cook a meal of his own or be left on his own.
Rune needs are acute and reminding of a thousand things a day in order to live any type of life remotely related to 'independence' is needed on a daily basis.

Rune doesn't want a lot in life. He doesn't want the latest trainers and he isn't looking to go clubbing in Ibiza with his mates anytime soon. He simply likes to pop along to CEX, or Game to browse and to pick up a game or DVD occasionally, or to attend the cinema or bowling. Merlin passes to Chessington are a thing of the past.

if Rune could work - he would! But he can't and, currently, he's not even on the level of being able to stack shelves in a supermarket. If he was a regular guy and going to work, he would be earning a lot more than what our Government is allowing him to live on per month right now.

Apparently, this government do not deem some of the most vulnerable and needy members of our society, ie,disabled adults, and whom hold tennacy's in supported living placements, the right to be allowed to 'live a life' and 'access some activities and free spends' money.

I currently refuse to apply for his LCWRA award on the grounds that it is a nonsensical waste of time to do so. Through my recent navigating through this process it has become apparent that to do so would be a pointless waste of time.

With their right hand, this Government are handing Rune disability money through the channels of Universal Credit and disability premium and his PIP and with their left hand, and in the same week each month, they are taking 40% of all of that away through the channels of the social services.

Rune is being left with £20 per week. for clothing, activities and leisure spends.



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