To: Southampton City Council

Sort the bins issue in Southampton

Sort the bins issue in Southampton

Use realistic data to assess/rethink the bin situation in southampton. Some areas are really suffering from losing weekly general waste collection. The situation desperately needs reassessing, as the current blanket policy is not working.

Why is this important?

Since the bin collection has been reduced to 'save money', the area has quickly become unhygienic, smelly and full of flies and vermin. It's reducing residents' quality of life and making the place undesirable to both visitors and regular inhabitants.

Southampton City Council state that 'there will continue to be an efficient waste and recycling collection that meets the needs of residents' - having spoken to several members of the public, this is not the case. It is not meeting our needs as citizens who pay council tax for the upkeep and maintenance of our local area and frankly, it's making the city an unpleasant place to live and work in.

While we appreciate funding cuts are being made from centralised Government, we would argue that this is not a 'non-essential service' as Southampton City Council's website claims. Surely the upkeep of the city is in fact a very important service, on so many levels - for our general health, wellbeing and happiness, and for keeping heavily populated areas cleaner and healthier. The council also claim that reducing these services will encourage more recycling, but as the recycling is not being collected any more regularly than before these changes, it is hard to see how this is having any kind of positive impact.

Please sign this petition to help us campaign for a cleaner, healthier city that we can be proud to live in.

Southampton, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Live on a main road. Neighbours put their rubbish in our bins. Our bins don't get taken because of the items in it from neighbours. We are doing tip runs. Bins overflowing and stink.
  • We now have a major fly problem in our road, this week one of the bags in our (overflowing) bin was ripped open, we assume by a fox and strewn across the street which my partner was outside cleaning up at 6am, and our neighbors already have a problem with rats, its disgusting!
  • Our bins used to get collected weekly. Now its fortnightly everywhere smells nasty, and it is everywhere! We can no longer keep the windows open at night as the kids keep getting bitten by flies, the bins themselves are full of maggots, all of my neighbours have the same issue too.


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