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To: The Government


Food parcels for free school meals aren't working and children are going hungry. Scrap the mess of outsourced companies giving parcels that are not fit for purpose and give food vouchers to parents instead.

Why is this important?

The government has replaced free school meals vouchers with food parcels, which are being provided by a private company. Parents are posting pictures all over social media of the shocking contents in these parcels and the ingredients provided are worth only a fraction of the original £30 free school meals voucher. This is a massive disrespect to families across the country and to parents trying to feed their children at home.

Back in November, parents up and down the country told the government about the struggle to feed their children throughout this pandemic. But families with children feel like they’re back to square one again. This is unacceptable.

A petition signed by thousands of people like you and me would send a clear message to the government: free school meal vouchers cannot be replaced with food parcels.

England, UK

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