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To: Kier Starmer



The aim of this petition is to create a Law separate to Abortion Law to change the way a fetus beyond 24 weeks is perceived in a court of law after an unlawful killing of that fetus has taken place

Why is this important?

Florrie fell victim to a domestic violence assault in Utero and at 29 weeks 3 days gestation which is a viable gestation outside the womb she sadly passed away from secondary illnesses she suffered as a repercussion of malicious actions.

These actions were unjustifiable and led to the fatality of unborn Florrie.

These are babies we meet on screen and feel move,we already know and love them before birth.
Until birth a mother should protect her baby,which through no fault of my own,could not.
Not only should that be a Mother's job but the Father's job also ....

Florrie's father knew the harm he was causing to both myself and our daughter and he proceeded despite this.

I hope by doing this parents similar to myself wont have to fight to prove their baby was deserving of life and robbed of that ....
And that ultimately someone must be held accountable!!

It is important to myself as I know first hand how it feels to lose a child in this way,to feel isolated and that there is no Law in place to protect pregnant women or our unborn babies ... Our babies do not get the recognition of the deserving life of which they are.

We attempted to collect data from the Office Of National Statistics and we found the bare minimum ... In result of that I have gone on to collect my own data and have spoken to victims first hand to find out the similarities between my case and their case and there is alot of similarities which isnt acceptable.

However if Florrie's Law had already been in place beforehand then the outcome of the prosecution would have been a firmer punishment than what was given in all of these cases.

United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • Because I have heart and know the effects of losing a baby naturally. Losing a baby because of someone else's actions is inconceivable and should be punished.
  • I lost my angle baby 12 yrs ago x
  • My friend lost a baby due to domestic violence


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