To: Richmond council

Fly tipping and illegal dumping in Whitton

Fly tipping and illegal dumping in Whitton

We want action from London borough of Richmond to clear illegally dumped waste and treat the rat infestation behind the shops on Whitton high street.

Why is this important?

The dumped waste and fly tipping problem is having a huge impact not only on the environment but also with the families and the general public that live here and use/walk through these spaces.
The rats are getting into cars and gnawing through cables and infesting homes!
This is a huge issue and also over a prolonged period of time has affected the wellbeing and mental health of some residents.
We need to act collectively as a community and get Richmond Council to listen to our voice! Please sign and show your support through this petition to get our community areas cleared and looking respectful again.

Whitton, Twickenham, Hounslow TW4, UK

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