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Food waste management

Food waste management

Food waste management programme. Food waste, especially fruits, vegetable, plant and grain based, could be used for various purposes. From fuel for local transport to the compost for farming industry, there are many ways how to manage the food waste. We should have points where food not consumed could be brought, a lot of people tend to buy too much, therefore there are a lot of thrown away unpacked foods.
Starting a campaign to educate society on how big impact food waste create and how easily we could change it by reducing our shopping, as well as by correct recycling.

Why is this important?

Current process of utilisation of food waste , leads to increase of CO2 emissions.
It would perhaps teach people that they should care about their environment, about the fact that waste is a problem which must be passed on further and it doesn’t end with placing used wastes in the bin. Conscious consumption and shopping