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To: Members of UK Parliament

For Freedom of Movement

For Freedom of Movement

Protect our right to Freedom of Movement in Brexit negotiations.

Why is this important?

Freedom of movement gives every one of us the opportunity to travel, work and build lives in other countries. The rich have always had the possibility of migration, Freedom of Movement opens those doors to all of us. All of our wages and working conditions should be guaranteed by MPs, no matter where we come from.

Meanwhile, we recognise that the people who have come from all over Europe to make the UK their home have enriched our country in every sense. We do not recognise and totally reject the xenophobic lies that have whipped up xenophobia in this country, leading to many of them feeling unwelcome, and some becoming the victims of despicable hate crimes.


Reasons for signing

  • There has to be a free movement of workers in Europe.
  • Freedom of movement enables UK citizens (who are EU citizens too) to live work and study in 27 other countries as much as it enables other EU citizens to come to the UK. I don't want to lose this right because UK governments have failed to implement the rules properly and unscrupulous politicians have preyed on people's fears. We will all be poorer if this is lost.
  • Freedom of movement works both ways. Not only do we NEED foreign workers here, we (many of us) also WANT to be able to work and live abroad ourselves. It makes no sense economically or for personal freedom to restrict this.


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