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To: Fusion Lifestyle

Force Fusion Lifestyle to improve their management and standards at Glassmill Swim School

Despite recent conversations and meeting with Fusion staff, cancellations of lessons are continuing - and we are continuing to pay for them. The people of Lewisham deserve better than this! Glassmill Leisure Centre is run by Fusion Lifestyle via contract with Lewisham Council.

We are petitioning to ensure that Fusion:

(1) Reverses its policy of not providing refunds for cancelled classes, and immediately provides refunds in a prompt and transparent manner for any and all cancelled swim school classes;

(2) Suspends recruitment of new swim school students until it can guarantee that it has enough swim school teachers and lifeguards to provide a regular service;

(3) Immediately undertakes a review of its swim school offering and guarantees to hire qualified swim school teachers as soon as possible, ensuring that cancellations no longer occur;

(4) Provides to our group its health and safety, safeguarding and child protection policies, together with clear evidence of the ways in which these are being implemented, including relevant staff training.

Why is this important?

Fusion Lifestyle has a contract with Lewisham Council to provide leisure services at Glassmill Leisure Centre, as well as a number of other leisure centres in the Borough.

However, as many Lewisham residents are aware, the standards of service at Glassmill at extremely poor, and are falling. Recently, swim school classes have been cancelled with increasing regularity - at the same time that Fusion has amended its terms and conditions so that refunds are no longer provided. This means that Fusion Lifestyle is keeping the money that Lewisham residents pay for swimming lessons, rather than providing the service for which they receive the funds. We believe that this is a breach of our consumer rights, as laid out in the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. Despite repeated complaints to Fusion, we have received no sign of (a) either a shift in policy or (b) any action to ensure that the cancellations at the swim school are being dealt with. In addition, we have concerns regarding the health and safety, child protection and safeguarding policies at Glassmill; despite repeated requests to view these policies and to understand how they are being implemented, we have received no response.

Glassmill Leisure Centre was opened in 2013 and was supposed to provide a place for the residents of Lewisham, both adults and children, to participate in sport, health and fitness activities. We believe it is falling well short of the stated aims of the Council to "prevent ill health and promote independence; and also to support communities and families to become healthier and more resilient".

The people of Lewisham deserve better than to be ripped off by Fusion Lifestyle - join us in the fight!


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Reasons for signing

  • In my opinion, fusion lifestyles have intentionally shirked their contractual obligations and duties of care to the residences of Lewisham. Enabled, in part by the Lewisham council, fusion’s culture of indifference towards their customers needs and expectations became the norm. Defrauding countless consumers out of their hard earned money whilst selfishly jeopardising the futures of countless children and young people in the process. Enough is enough. #class action lawsuit
  • Extremely poor service, bad attitude at reception, wrong information about swimming class schedule regularly, and very difficult to cancel membership or complain.
  • Even though I can walk to this swimming pool I no longer use these facilities as the service was so bad. I now drive (which is ridiculous as I live so close to glass mill!) to a different pool. Lessons were constantly being cancelled. The reception staff have no idea about what goes on in the centre and are extremely rude. How such a new facility can be run so badly is beyond me.


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