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To: Mayor of London/4th Plinth Commissioning Group/GLA.

4th Plinth Statue for Captain Tom Moore

4th Plinth Statue for Captain Tom Moore

Statue of Captain Tom Moore for 4th Plinth, Trafalgar Square, London.

Why is this important?

A national monument for a national treasure!

A WW2 veteran approaching his 100th birthday, Captain Tom Moore has captured the hearts of the nation and is a source of national pride and hope. He has been a beacon of light in the darkest of times, an inspiration to us all and a real life hero.

At a time it is needed the most, Captain Tom (& his walking frame) is raising tens of millions of pounds for the NHS charities and raising morale throughout the UK and the rest of the globe. Can one person really make a difference? Yes they can! Captain Tom Moore has shown us that.

A statue of Captain Tom & his stroller, would remind us all, commemorate the amazing work of the NHS and serve as a fitting thank you and birthday gift to Tom from the people of Great Britain (and hopefully a Knighthood from the Queen).

This statue would celebrate the positive actions of the one and the many, during the time of this pandemic and be a memorial to the lives of those lost.

Once the temporary exhibition time in Trafalgar Square has expired, it is hoped that this statue would then go on to be exhibited across the UK at different locations, on tour.


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