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To: Brighton & Hove City Council, SeaLife and UK Parliament.



Please sign our petition to free Lulu and Gulliver the green turtles from SeaLife Brighton and for the UK government to end turtles being held captive in the UK.

We're calling for them to be relocated to a sanctuary that would provide an environment as near to Lulu and Gulliver's native habitat as possible, where they could live out their lives and experience the quality of life they truly deserve.

Instead, they are held captive at SeaLife Brighton, where they are permanently submerged in water and have no access to dry land or natural light. Forced to live underground and endure disorientating colour-changing artificial light shows and a relentless soundtrack.

Imagine how frustrating and boring it is for Lulu, over 80 years captive in a tank?

Literally a life sentence.

Why is this important?

Turtles live a long time, and normally cover thousands of miles. Laying thousands of eggs.

Yet sadly Lulu is unable to do that in her tiny tank.

Sealife in UK aquariums has no chance to exhibit natural behaviour. Instead, circling, head bobbing and spiralling. All evidence of zoochosis. Due to stress and boredom.

It is time for the UK government to bring an end to turtles being held captive in the UK.

Sealife belongs in the sea, not in tiny tanks.

Over 80 years in captivity - 'FREE LULU' - It's time for Lulu and Gulliver to be free.

How it will be delivered

Printed and hand delivered to Brighton & Hove City Council Licensing Dept, and UK Parliament.




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