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To: The Government

Free NHS parking indefinitely

The government is floating a plan to reinstate parking costs at hospitals for NHS staff. Let’s send a clear message to the government to make hospital parking free indefinitely for NHS staff.

Why is this important?

The government stopped charging NHS staff parking fees during the height of the pandemic. Now they're saying ‘it can’t go on forever’. We need a firm commitment to make absolutely sure our NHS staff won’t be charged as much as £40 a day on parking fees.

Our NHS staff - who have sacrificed so much over the last few months - deserve better. So, let's send a clear message to Boris Johnson: you cannot charge our NHS staff for parking.


Reasons for signing

  • Staff should not have to Pay to park when working in the hospital
  • To support our lifesaving nhs
  • NHS settings are often in places with no safe parking except extortionate car parks. It’s bad enough for patients’ families having to spend a fortune visiting loved ones. It’s not right that private companies get rich by exploiting NHS staff. It’s pretty outrageous


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