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To: Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport

#OperationWiFi – Free, open WiFi network connecting communities during Covid-19

#OperationWiFi – Free, open WiFi network connecting communities during Covid-19

We want Government and partners in digital infrastructure to create an open and free to use wireless network to enable people in low income communities to get online. At a time of social disconnection people need to get online to be able stay connected during the current national crisis. #OperationWiFi

Why is this important?

* 2.73 million people are completely offline due to low income
* 14.2 million people are limited users because they cannot afford access on a regular basis (source: Digital Nation 2019 - Good Things Foundation)

We are hearing stories of the implications for low income families not being able to get online. Stories include people struggling with access to welfare claims and registrations, school learning and being able to connect with family, friends and relatives.



Reasons for signing

  • As a Homeless person myself, Wifi is my conduit to the world. From the basics of dealing with the DWP which is set to online by default, to ensuring I'm up to date with #Covid19 advice through homeless organisations like Streets Kitchen & Museum of Homelessness. We already have a fabulous system through BTOpen we just need it.. if you excuse the pun.,, OPEN and free to all
  • Everywhere we have family we can't see, so need this to stay mentally safe, especially now!
  • Conenction to the internet is a basic requirement now. Can't even get universal credit without it.


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We launched to start to highlight the impact of being offline through people’s stories

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