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free parking at hospital

free parking at hospital

Patients on a long stay hospital should be issued a free parking tickets for friends & family visiting often I was in Hospital after Brain Operation & stroke for 1 year my husband visited me daily as do many with relatives seriously ill maybe Intensive ward being seriously ill the amount of money spent on parking not knowing how long the visit will be if any at times no visitors allowed

Why is this important?

Its important for the well being of the patient when its serious I had Sepsis unsure if I would pull through & survive loved ones obviously are worried I was also given permission for my dog to see me much to my surprise having a loving pet also aids recovery I don't think profit on parking for visitors seriously ill or long term in hospital should have exorbitant parking charges a patient could be issued a free pass the nhs is for the people not making profit the charges should at least be much less plus a pass would allow the visitor to stay longer not keep looking at the time patients health should be considered visitors often bringing with the some magazines fruit or some food they enjoy lower the amount for visitors to pay plus not to penalise if their stay is longer than anticipated large hospitals on many levels isn't just a pop out extend your parking then go back in the patient should be put first before parking charges daily visitors could have a pass the nurse in charge of the ward will know regular visitors

 all NHS hospitals in the UK

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  • It just makes sense


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