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To: Andrew Selous

Free Parking for NHS Staff whilst on Duty

Free Parking for NHS Staff whilst on Duty

Consider all medical staff free parking whilst on duty. Allowance has to be made one hour on either side of their ON DUTY Time giving them enough time to Park before commencing their regular employment and again same for them to walk back to their car after end of job on the day.

Why is this important?

Nurses are not well paid and if they end up a parking ticket which could cost around £60 easily which I think is criminal. With FREE Parking whilst on duty they would not face such steep parking Fines.
Medical staff are giving us (the patients) a fantastic service which is not well rewarded but this concession of FREE paring whilst on Duty is a very small price to pay.

United Kingdom

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2021-05-02 13:50:24 +0100

I hope our concerted effort will achieve this well deserved Cause FREE Parking for Medical Staff whilst on duty