To: MPs ,Angela Rayner, Bob Neill, Philip Hammonds, Nadhim Zahawi

Free school meals review

Free school meals review

I want a nation wide review on secondary schools that are receiving free school meal entitlements.

There are many children attending secondary schools who are entitled to free school meals however children are not getting it. The schools are pocketing the money.

I am giving my child money so that he can eat whilst at school and this is on top of his free school meal entitlement.

The school state that my child buys things not available on free school meals.
There has Weeks that have gone pass and my child has not eaten, I contacted my MP Bob and the school.

Even though the government introduced this so it could help low income families. I have proof personally it is not helping but making me spend more money

The government pays £2:35 for each meal and even extra to the school

The school are pocketing the free school meal allowance and the extra incentive.

If my child dose not buy specific food in secondary school that is made for free school dinners then he goes hungry.

Children spend more time at school then at home. Every child should be able to buy anything in the canteen with there £2:35 . Not be restricted and marginalised like what is happening.

The secondary is a business and not a school my child attends Bishop Justus Aquinas Trust and I was advised it is his responsibility he eats by Mr Murphy head teacher.

Also if he attends school with a drink not purchased from them the drink is placed in the bin.

Why is this important?

Children are suffering in secondary school

If children are on free school meals they have no option but to spend it only what the school selected. This then hinders other kids that may want something the secondary has on their menu but cannot get it.I understand they want to save money.

However, as a single parent I realised I am giving more money To my child than the full allowance a year the school are profitting

I contacted my MP Bob and The head it is time we get this reviewed.

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