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To: Freecycle

Freecycle Stop allowing people to advertise animals for free

Stop allowing people to give animals away for free

Why is this important?

I have started this petition today as I am fed up of seeing people advertising giving their animals away for free on Animals that you are responsible for should be treated as a family member not as an object you can just dispose of. Members on freecycle do not know who each other are, who are they to know and a judge a person on meeting. How are they to know what that person is going to do to the animal once they receive them or worse what will they USE them for? In conclusion they do not care in alot of cases as long as they have got rid. Obviously doing a quick post on freecycle is alot less effort than going to a rescue centre. If you no longer want an animal make the efforts to take them to a rescue shelter or centre, it is the RIGHT THING TO DO and the safest thing to do for the animals.

I have a personal experience with freecycle I would like to share with you:
Last year I saw an offer for baby chicks, 10 of them ( live chicks ) they were being advertised as "freezer food"....LIVE CHICKS. So I responded to this and said I would have them. I collected them, sweet little things they were, all male. The farmer seemed genuinely disappointed that I was giving them forever homes, I took them to Green Acres animal rescue which is in Pembrokeshire Wales. For those of you who don't know, male chicks are seen as useless in animal agriculture as they cannot lay eggs and they are not sold for meat, so they are culled pretty much the day they are born. Please help animals by signing my petition. Much love



2020-04-05 09:01:14 +0100

Hi everyone,
Just thought I would say something as this petition has been running for 6 months and you maybe wondering why there have been no updates. Thanks to all of you who have signed and shared my petition, every single person makes the difference. I need to get more signatures before I present it to Freecycle so please continue to share. With the current COVID-19 going on thankfully, nobody has been advertising animals on Freecycle ( not in my local area anyway ) but if you do see any adverts for free animals, and if you're upto it, maybe politely urge the person responsible to not do so and explain to them why giving animals out for free is the wrong thing to do. Thankyou again fellow animal lovers, this can't be possible to achieve without people like you.

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