To: David Gauke MP and The Government

Freephone numbers at benefit offices

Freephone numbers at benefit offices

Stop charging 55p per minute to benefit claimants that ring for information or advice on their benefits.
Make all numbers at DWP that are used by benefit claimants freephone numbers.

Why is this important?

Benefits claimants cannot afford these charges. This means that if their maney is late they are unable to ring DWP.
Elizabeth Truss MP suggests claimants should go to their Job Centres, but in most rural and in some citys, Job Centres have closed or are soon to be closed.
Those on benefits need support, not a government intent on making their lives harder. Stop these over-inflated phone charges now!


Reasons for signing

  • The DWP is charging 55p per minute for benefit claiments to ring them! This is wrong! Instead of making lives harder they need to make it simpler!


2017-10-15 13:34:43 +0100

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