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To: Warrington Borough Council

Friends of The Blackburne Arms

We stopped local planning permission.

Friends of The Blackburne Arms

Reject the planning bid to demolish the Grade II listed building to create dwellings.

Why is this important?

This public house as been the heart of the community since being built in 1928.

Its steeped in local history dating back to Robert Ireland Blackburne after whom the pub is named after.

The links to Orford Manor and the old Orford Hall (now Orford Park) partnership with Warrington Memorial Bowling Green whose Trustees actually own most of the surrounding land and of course the adjacent Playing Fields allotments.

Its grounds is also a habit for protected species such as newts, toads and other wildlife that can be found with the grounds.

Orford Green, Warrington

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2021-03-08 09:26:12 +0000

Petition is successful with 783 signatures

2019-04-26 15:43:06 +0100

Your web reference number is 484155.

FAO Liz Snead

Along with the members of the Orford War Memorial Bowling Club and the gardeners from the adjacement Playing Fields Allotments, we, as Friends of The Blackburne Arms group have organised an online petition.

We would like to protest against the Lane End development application as listed above and enclose the list of names who have signed our online petition in support of this protest.

Can you please confirm receipt of this petition and that you have attached it to the planning application reference as above ?

Please keep us posted as to any progress and please note we will fight any development that effects the business, building, land and the effect on our surrounding community. This public house is the heart beat that brings the community together, old and young alike, families too.

Please advise as to the next steps.

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500 signatures reached

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