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To: Fringe employers

Fringe employers sign up to the Fair Hospitality Charter

Sign up to Unite's 'Fair Hospitality Charter'

Why is this important?

Workers make the Edinburgh Festival, but the festival doesn’t always work for them: Festival workers are underpaid and treated poorly in precarious conditions.

Unfair, precarious and unsafe working conditions leave staff out of pocket and out of energy.

If you agree this is not what the Fringe should be about then sign this petition calling for the big Fringe companies to sign up the the ‘Fair Hospitality Charter’

Unite’s Fair Hospitality Charter calls for 9 things:
-The real living wage
-Rest breaks
-Equal pay for young workers
-Minimum hour contract
-Anti-sexual harassment policy
-Paid transport after 12pm
-Consult on rota changes
-100% tips to staff
-Trade Union access

Lets create a Fringe that works for everyone.

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