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To: Boris Johnson

Front-line NHS staff should be given an extra £29-a-day reward

Front-line NHS staff should be given an extra £29-a-day reward

Health and care staff could receive a financial bonus like that given to military personnel on active duty, the party suggested.
Downing Street should consider creating a "front-line support package".

Why is this important?

NHS Staff are putting their lives on the line every day, My son Is in the Ambulance Service and the cases they pick up and sit with while waiting for a space to deliver their Patients, without the proper PPE. Ambulance Services, Nurses, Doctors, Are all Doing a very dangerous Job right now. My Son has three Children he can't see right now and his partner is n her third Trimester, it's not just his life he is risking it's their future too. So Many are going down with this Coronavirus that he is at times having to go out alone and doing so much overtime they are so tired easy targets for the Virus to attack. They ARE losing their lives, they deserve the front line support package.



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