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To: Hampshire County Council

Fund rewilding schemes on Hampshire council land

Fund rewilding schemes on Hampshire council land

There are several areas of unused council land considered as “brownfield” or “unsustainable” and we believe this can be put to use for rewilding, an important scheme to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.

Rewilding allows for nature to regrow naturally in an area where it may no longer thrive, but as the potential to. There have been many successful rewilding schemes in the UK, such as the Knepp estate, West Sussex and Banff estate, Scotland; and with smaller schemes such as portions of unused Council land, this could be even more achievable.

Hampshire county has lost significant biodiversity to development, and there is also significant pressure on development of urban areas which has led to the loss of important green spaces, and hence it is more important than ever to introduce rewilding schemes to allow room for nature.

This petition calls for:
1. The council to release information directly saying where unused brownfield sites and unsustainable green sites lie within the county, and allow use of these lands for rewilding schemes.
2. To put forward funding that can create green jobs for rewilding officers.
3. Provide a portion of money each year to go towards the rewilding scheme/s and study of them.

We hope with this petition will let the council see the community want for rewilding schemes, and will push this forwards during a climate and ecological emergency.

Why is this important?

Rewilding schemes have been successful in the UK and with the study and upholding of the schemes, even more so.

Rewilding is an important step in tackling climate change and biodiversity loss which has been affecting Hampshire county, it allows for the natural growth of spaces so that nature can thrive in it once again.

There are many unused Council owned areas such as brownfield sites or unsustainable spaces that could be used for rewilding and so we are calling for Hampshire county council to put these spaces to good use during a climate and ecological emergency through specialist rewilding schemes.

We need the community support, it is so important to have schemes like this in place to provide space for animals and plants that are rarely available these days due to human take over.

Support this campaign today to start change!

Hampshire, UK

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