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To: Home Secretary Priti Patel

Protect young people from violence: give youth services the funding they need

Protect young people from violence: give youth services the funding they need

Increase funding for vital youth services, to protect young people and prevent them from being caught up in violence.

Why is this important?

Youth violence in the UK is at an all time high, and the government aren’t doing enough to prevent it.

In the past 5 years, knife crime has increased by 71%, and the number of young people who lost their lives to violence rose by 45% from 2017-2018. In the meantime, youth programs and services have faced massive cuts to their funding.

If the government wants to tackle the youth violence crisis, they need to fund youth services that can intervene early in young people’s lives, making sure they have safe places to go to and trusted adults to help them and protect them from harm.

I started this petition because I have children myself, and I want the government to do more to give them opportunities, and keep them safe. Please sign and share.


Reasons for signing

  • Police numbers are only one part of the system. The CPS, courts and offender management all need appropriate increases too. Correct police nos without the rest still won't deliver justice.
  • I hate violence and what it does to people.
  • A desollute government is for a desolute people!


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