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To: Scottish Government

Funding for Cole

Funding for Cole

Provide funding for Coles Bedrolite oil, the medicine which has saved him.

Why is this important?

My 8 year old son Cole has uncontrollable drug resistant focal Epilepsy. Cole had brain surgery when he was 2 years old and has tried 20 different medications since he was 3 months old. He was given a prescription for Epidiolex the uk only licensed CBD product however his health continued to decline. I now have a private prescription for Cole for a Bedrolite oil which is whole plant oil and he is the best he’s ever been. Cole almost died in March and thanks to this oil he’s thriving. Unfortunately the NHS won’t fund this for Cole or give this medicine under a NHS prescription so we are having to pay £1000 a month to keep him on the oil that saved his life.

I am asking the Scottish Government to put funding in place to pay for Cole’s oil until they do the tests and trials they have been promising me for over 2 year’s.

The Scottish Government say it’s inappropriate to fund a private prescription however this life changing medicine is not available under NHS due to restrictive guidelines written by BPNA. We are in the middle of a pandemic and it’s become impossible to fundraise so I’m asking for your help to show your support to have funding put in place for this life saving medicine, and for the Scottish Government to actively engage in finding a permanent solution.

Thank you Lisa

Scotland, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Both my kids had Epilepsy when they were younger. I nearly lost my eldest to Epilepsy when he was 4.1/2. I would do anything to take epilepsy away for everyone.
  • Because its the right thing to do to support this family. Government are useless
  • Because ive had epilepsy since i was a child and im now 32 its hard enough having sezuires without the worry added good luck little man


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