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To: David Cameron

Funding for new & safe medication for treatment of schizophrenia & bipolar illness.

Much more funding is needed, very little money goes into new drug research. The current medication has been licensed mainly because the general population fear madness.
Current medication is not an effective safe treatment for an illness.

Why is this important?

All current medication for these illnesses are very dangerous, often causing 30k of weight gain. Diabetes, abnormal muscle movements, seizures, hepatitis, disturbance in speech & language. Damage to liver & pancreas, loss of memory.The list is long. Current medication is no more than a tranquilliser or "knock on the head" rendering the sick subdued and helpless. Unable to take part in an active social life or go to work.
My daughter was at university when she became ill. She weighed 9 stone or 58k, her life was just beginning. She now takes the only type of medication that is available. She now has no confidence, as not only has she, " lost her mind" she has, "lost her body" too as she now weighs 15 stone or 95k. She has no friends, no social life or a job. The medication she must take is not working, because she has not recovered. This is why it is so important to save young lives by developing new and safe medication for these serious illnesses. Many people with schizophrenia end up in prison, costing the government & tax payers, when they should be taking new, safe, medication & living normal lives. This is a global illness.

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