To: Affiliated YouTuber's

Gambling promotions from YouTuber's

Gambling promotions from YouTuber's

YouTuber's that are affiliated with online casinos constantly promote the online site they are gambling on. Little do viewers know is that the YouTuber is compassionated with 100% credit match & bonuses every time they deposit: ie....they deposit £100 the casino will match there deposit giving them a advantage every time they deposit.

Why is this important?

Important because the viewer will not see the full advantage of the YouTuber has compared to the average person which will only get the 100% promotion on one occasion. The YouTuber will constantly promote, by way of posting a link in the forum to join the casino through there link..the viewer will noticeably see the YouTuber winning a lot of money during the stream from the YouTuber, however the YouTuber will always have a advantage with all the 100% match deposit & bonuses.
Important because of all the vulnerability of potential customers thinking they can do the same as the YouTuber.


Reasons for signing

  • Gambling is a crippling addiction & promotion is not monitored in the UK enough