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To: The Government Honours Committee

Gareth Southgate to be knighted

Gareth Southgate to be knighted

We should award Gareth Southgate with a knighthood for his services to the sport and to our country.

Why is this important?

He's the English hero that we've all been waiting for. Whether in the end, football came home or not, is there a better symbol for young men everywhere than Gareth? He handles the role of England manager with kindness, charm, empathy and most importantly, a great beard and a cracking waistcoat. Let's get him a knighthood.

Let's ensure that those who positively represent a part of the British Isles on the world stage are adequately rewarded for their extraordinary achievements in sport, as per Alf Ramsey in 1967.

"Our country has been through some difficult moments recently in terms of its unity, but sport can unite. Football can unite. We can feel the energy and support from home, and that's a privilege." Gareth Southgate

Reasons for signing

  • He's done a great job they deserved to win but that's how it goes sometimes let him just get on with it & build the team stronger for next time, not normally proud of our footballers but I am now !! Good job.
  • I've signed because Gareth Southgate brought our country together and gave us hope in the world cup. The whole team were fantastic and it's because of Gareths awesome management


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