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To: Rt Hon Andrea Leadsom MP Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Abolish Gas and Electric Daily Standing Charge

Abolish Gas and Electric Daily Standing Charge

Abolish the daily standing charge on gas and electricity bills.

Why is this important?

All the energy providers charge for a daily standing charge (DSC) for the provision of Gas and Electric supplies. The DSC varies between energy providers and also which of their tariffs. This year the DSC appears to be in excess of 20p per day for either gas or electric. You could, therefore, be paying over £146 per year to energy providers in addition to the cost of your gas and electric.
In this day and age, I cannot see any reason as to why a DSC should be levied, as it seems to go back to the days before consumers were given the choice of energy provider.
I also believe that the DSC is also one way that the energy providers can increase tariff prices and gain extra revenue,yet state they have cheaper energy tariffs. This DSC should be abolished.

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