To: Kirsty William's Education Minister for Wales. Welsh Assembly Government.

Gcse Resits.

Gcse Resits.

Look into the impact of forcing children who have passed a GCSE to resit just to achieve A*.
Even children who achieve an A grade are being forced to do it again, this is a fact and is happening to my son (also happened to my daughter), there is no choice. Regardless of the fact that the time could be spent doing better on other subjects.

Why is this important?

GCSE grades are being downgraded by the pursuit of A* only results.

Children are being made to feel that their achievements are not good enough, and are just being taught what is needed to pass the exam, rather than a good understanding of the subject.

Time and money would be better spent ensuring a wide ranging education, and not just exam passing.

Children who need additional help could benefit from this wasted money being spent helping them to pass GCSE.

The pursuit of A* at GCSE levels to such a degree is clearly for the schools benefit and not for the children's.

Wales, UK

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2017-09-14 16:24:11 +0100

It was confirmed today that he does indeed have to resit his B grade GCSE yet again!!! He was given the choice for the A, but she tried to persuade him saying an A* looks better. Better for who remains to be seen, I've yet to apply for a job where the grade of the pass is mentioned beyond C and above!
Is it really worth another year of tuition and exams?
Wouldn't the time be better spent on subjects that need extra time?
Wouldn't the money be better spent on children who actually NEED to do resits?

2017-09-13 07:32:07 +0100

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