To: Everyone

Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

As society progresses, people are being to get more comfortable with living outside the gender norms of living as a only one fixed gender. Those who identify as non-binary or gender-fluid deserve a bathroom which does not make them choice between male or female. This would increase inclusiveness and a sense of belonging, while also decreasing gender dysphoria. 
More reasons these bathroom would be helpful is for parent with children- instead of having to risk sending your child into the bathroom alone, these toilets would allow parents to not have to take that risk. It would also save money- having to supply enough for one bathroom, instead of two or three. It would also be a toilets for those who do not feel comfortable in gendered toilets- anyone with a period, anxiety, ques for the female toilets.

Why is this important?

It is important for people to move with a progressing society. While there also being other important reasons for this such as parents being able to stay with their children, lower money spend and increase inclusiveness.