• Help Protect Trans Teens and Young Adults in the UK
    Many children and young adults are subject to extreme bullying, attacks, verbal and mental abuse and homestead nonacceptance as well as having to battle body dysphoria and other mental illnesses due to the aforementioned discrimination. Also puberty blockers have stopped being issued to trans children in a “life saving” attempt by the NHS but it will actually further the discourse in trans affirming care . We need urgent action to stop and prevent all hate crimes and discrimination against LGBTQIA+ students and young people and guaranteeing and safer and better future for all involved.
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    Created by Alyx Byrchmore
  • Increase of women only swimming sessions
    Psychological Well-being: Swimming has been shown to have positive effects on mental health, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. Women-only swim sessions create a supportive and non-judgmental environment where women can relax, rejuvenate, and socialize with fellow participants. This social connection and emotional support further enhance their well-being and contribute to improved mental health outcomes. Increased Comfort and Privacy: Women-only swim sessions create a comfortable and private space for women to engage in physical activity. Many women feel more at ease and confident in the absence of male spectators or participants. This environment encourages them to embrace swimming as a regular exercise option and helps overcome barriers such as body image concerns and self-consciousness. Zahra, a Muslim woman, felt excluded from traditional mixed-gender swim sessions due to her religious beliefs and modesty requirements. However, when the community pool introduced women-only swim sessions, Zahra finally had a safe space to enjoy swimming while adhering to her faith. This inclusive environment allowed her to connect with other women in her community, fostering a sense of belonging and cultural expression. Zahra's participation in women-only swim sessions became a vital aspect of her self-care routine, providing both physical exercise and spiritual rejuvenation. Rachel, a devout Jewish woman, had always enjoyed swimming as a form of exercise and relaxation. However, due to her religious beliefs and modesty considerations, participating in mixed-gender swim sessions became challenging for her. She longed for a space where she could swim comfortably without compromising her faith. When a local swimming facility introduced women-only swim sessions, Rachel's excitement was palpable. She eagerly attended the first session, not knowing what to expect. As she entered the pool area, she was greeted by a diverse group of women, including some from her own Jewish community. Rachel's story highlights the significance of women-only swim sessions for Jewish women who seek to maintain their religious observances while embracing an active and healthy lifestyle. It emphasizes the importance of providing spaces that respect cultural and religious diversity, fostering a sense of community, and promoting well-being for all women.
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    Created by Rachel Kennedy
  • Introduce a new law to make spiking illegal!
    As a person who has had their drink spiked in the past, I would have felt a lot more comfortable reporting the incident if I knew there was a specific law protecting me. The Government's failure to introduce a new law lets women down. Please sign my petition to put pressure on the Home Office to reverse their decision!
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    Created by Roxana Khan-Williams
  • Ban employers asking job applicants for salary history and current earnings
    According to the Young Women's Trust, 40% of HR managers have said they do not advertise salary details with job adverts. Often this means that salary will be based on the new employee's previous salary. But this perpetuates existing gender and ethnic pay gaps. We can't really try and end gender and ethnic pay inequality without putting an end to this practice. Please help us put an end to this practice.
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    Created by Shoba Haridas
  • Help domestic abuse survivors during the Coronavirus crisis
    With the nation in lockdown, victims of domestic abuse are trapped with their abusers and isolated from support. Even before Coronavirus, there weren’t enough bed places for women to leave - with 3 out of 5 women referred to refuges being turned away for lack of space. Now, rates of domestic abuse are increasing, and we’re in a national crisis. Women’s Aid has seen a 41% increase in survivors trying to access support online. But for many women, digital support won’t be enough. Many desperately need accommodation away from abuse. But there could be a place for these women to go. While many survivors and their children need to access safe accommodation, hotel rooms and across the country are empty due to cancelled events and travel plans. The French government has already committed to housing those fleeing domestic abuse in hotels. In the UK, Southall Black Sisters have successfully lobbied hotels to agree to house those escaping domestic abuse. The hotels are not looking to make a profit on this - only cover their costs We need a firm commitment from the Government that they will pay hotels across the county so that no survivor is trapped with their abuser.
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    Created by Martha Jephcott and Charlotte Fischer
  • Stop anti-abortion protesters from harassing and intimidating women
    It’s hard to imagine just how traumatising walking through an anti-abortion picket must be. Women have holy water thrown on them, leaflets on drug addiction stuffed into their hands and are followed by shouts of “mummy, mummy don’t kill me”. That's not peaceful protest, that's intimidation. Right now, Britain is being increasingly influenced by US-style tactics, where women are harassed and intimidated as they enter clinics. It’s time for the government to make sure that women making the private decision to visit a family planning clinic are treated with dignity and respect, not bullying and abuse.
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    Created by Tatum S
  • NEXT - Stop stereotyping our kids!
    Are only boys allowed to like diggers or planes? Can only girls like Unicorns? Of course not. We are appealing to Next to change the way it sells childrens clothes so children can dress freely. We love shopping in Next but they need to up their game when it comes to selling childrens clothes. We would like Next to remove references to gender in their childrens wear. This will result in a wider choice for parents and children so stereotypes are not reinforced. We believe that a leading high street retailer like Next has the ability to change the way childrens clothes are sold and can have a significant impact on gender stereotypes. My little girl wanted to buy a Toy Story top so we asked the shop assistant, who told us the Toy Story clothes were in the boys section. Why did there have to be a boys section? Why not a t-shirt section where a wide range of options were available? Its fine for boys to wear blue clothing and for girls to wear pink but if these are the only options available to them then it limits them in their aspirations and conforms to the stereotype. If Next can take up the challenge it will be instrumental in breaking barriers and tackling inequality. Excited to be supported by https://www.letclothesbeclothes.co.uk Lets make change happen!
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    Created by Reena Pau
  • Grant Jessica Anderson her Guinness World Record
    Jessica Anderson ran the London Marathon trying to beat the world record for the fastest marathon time for a woman wearing a nurse's uniform. Jess, who is a nurse herself, beat the current record - of three hours, eight minutes and 54 seconds - by 22 seconds. This wasn't enough to make her a record breaker though. That's because she did it wearing her medical scrubs - and Guinness World Records said this does not meet its criteria for a nurse's uniform, which must be a dress! It's time to resign these gender-rigid stereotypes to the past.
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    Created by Michelle Bradley
  • Stop forcing sexual assault survivors to hand in their phones in investigations
    Survivors of rape and sexual assault are being forced to hand over their phones and social media accounts to the police - or risk their attackers walking free. Instead of making sure victims and survivors are safe and supported, police want to pick apart years of text messages, photos and personal memories - making survivors feel as if they're the ones on trial. Key digital evidence could be given to police and disclosed in court without excessive phone downloads being taken that risk being used for fishing expeditions into victims' pasts. One woman has said: "My phone documents many of the most personal moments in my life and the thought of strangers combing through it, to try to use it against me, makes me feel like I'm being violated once again." The NPCC and CPS are already facing a backlash against the plans. If thousands of us sign this petition and add our voices, we can make sure they backtrack.
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    Created by Big Brother Watch
  • Terminate NHS England Contract With Capita Now
    It’s very simple people’s lives are at risk. “I would express my serious concerns regarding NHS England's contract with Capita. I am in the range of 50-64yr olds, every 5 years for the cervical screening test. I couldn't tell you when my last cervical screening test was prior to this year. I received a letter in November 2018 informing me that due to an administrative error there had been a delay in sending me a letter to make an appointment for my cervical screening test. I had absolutely no idea when my previous test had been & no idea how late the delay was. I absolutely rely on the NHS to ensure these appointments are timed correctly. My father died of prostate cancer, my mother had bowel cancer, my sister had breast cancer. Delays with these tests could put people's lives at risk. An administrative delay is deadly. Terminate NHS England Contract With Capita Now. Bridget Yuill 57yrs.” In November 2018 the following was reported: “Dr Richard Vautrey, the BMA GP committee chair, repeated the doctors’ union’s demand for the contractor to be stripped of its contract. “This is just the latest in a long line of failures since Capita took over a number of GP services in 2015, and yet NHS England have not demonstrated to the profession that they are serious at addressing what ultimately they are responsible for,” he said. You had a serious warning in November this year that things were seriously wrong.” Enough is enough NHS England must ensure there is no further repeat of these serious errors by stripping Capita of the GP back-office services contract immediately. Read more here https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/nov/14/capitas-cancer-screening-blunder-hits-50000-nhs-patients Women’s lives matter.
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    Created by John Burgess Picture
  • Portrait for £50 Note 2020
    Noor Imyat Khan gave her life for the cause of freedom in this Nation‘s war to overthrow the Nazi Regime. Ms Noor served in the WRAF (Women‘s Royal Auxiliary Air Force) before transferring to the top secret Special Operstions Executuve set up by Winston Churchill, then as part of SOE was airdropped into France and organized and ran Churchill‘s network of resistance communication in Paris. Ms Noor was betrayed, and after suffering starvation and torture by the Gestapo in Dachau concentration camp, was executed by firing squad by the Nazi SS in 1944. Ms Khan was posthumously awarded the George Cross by King George VI in 1949. Here is proof of the inclusivity within Britain of the Muslim community. Ms Noor was also the first female radio operator sent into Nazi-occupied France in 1943. She was 29. Here is an opportunity to recognize the United Kingdom‘s inclusivity and its belief in democratic freedom. I respectfully invite likeminded members of the public to sign this Petition to the Bank of England.
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    Created by Kenneth Webb
  • St Marks Traffic Options Petition (STOP)
    The safety of our children and families is at the forefront of this petition. Providing an off road drop off zone will provide children with a safe passage to School. It will alleviate the current pressure on the surrounding streets, which currently results in dangerous parking and frustration for parents, drivers and local residents.
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    Created by Marie Skinner